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La Perla Celebrated International Women's Day with a Liberation Theme

JH Partners

A successful San Francisco-based private equity firm, JH Partners is known for its successful collaboration with financial and marketing partners around the globe. Having bought and sold stakes in a variety of specialty brands, JH Partners has worked to increase the profile of businesses such as La Perla.

An Italian luxury lifestyle brand, La Perla focuses some of its corporate responsibility efforts on celebrating International Women’s Day. As part of its recognition of the day in 2017, La Perla showcased a new window concept symbolizing women’s liberation from suffering for the sake of beauty. Unveiled on March 8 at the flagship boutique in Milan, the unique scene was designed by La Perla creative director Julia Haart.
The window scene featured the word “liberation” alongside scenes of breaking glass and a bra bursting into flames. After its initial unveiling on International Women’s Day, the liberation-themed window was replicated in other La Perla boutiques throughout the month of March.

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